#1 Franchise Broker Training

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Why Are We So Affordable?

Our journey started when we ourselves wanted to become franchise brokers. As we researched a number of organizations, we were were absolutely shocked at the HUGE fees companies were charging for training.

We knew that given today's technology - we could offer training and vendor relations at an affordable price.

Our #1 goal is to provide quality training, great franchisor/broker relationships and a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas - while also removing the very high financial barrier to entry into this field.

How We Keep Our Fees Low

We are a small and nimble company
We are a small company, without multiple layers of management. Our overhead and costs are low. We use technology to keep it that way.

Our marketing costs are low
We rely on 'word of mouth' and SEO for new members.

Our prices are based on market costs
We charge enough to cover our technology costs and our time.

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